About Hexing

Distribution Operation and Services in Brazil


In 2017, Hexing Group invested in establishing EPC ENERGIAL TDA Operation & Maintenance Company in Brazil and built a professional power operation service team to provide optimal power operation and maintenance services in order to create the first-rate customer service experience.

At present, the company has 680 employees and 135 heavy-duty and light-duty service vehicles. It provides power operation and maintenance services for CEMIG in three urban agglomerations in MG. The service area includes 155 administrative cities, accounting for 19% of the total number of MG state.

Service content mainly covers as following:

  • New construction, expansion, replacement and improvement of power grids and lines;

  • Daily operation and maintenance of transmission networks and lines;

  • Power interruption recovery, operation and maintenance, daily inspection of street lamps;

  • Construction of end-user lines, daily inspection of commercial users and residential users;

  • Power outage, continuous power, power system interruption recovery and operation and maintenance for the commercial users and residential users;

  • Tree branch trimming, marking, and removal of tree stump along the grid line;

  • Cleaning along the power grid and transmission lines and debris removal around the fire zone.